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2018-10-10 / Police Blotter

Kids approached by man in mask, cape

Monday, Oct. 1

• A caller reported seeing numerous signs hung on telephone poles on street corners with political problematic signs that are depicting dangerous conspiracy theories. The two hand-written signs were removed on Dellwood Road.

• A contractor on Park Club Lane reported that a woman is back on a work site in the area and threatening to lay down on the site. The contractor also said that the woman isn’t wearing proper equipment for safety.

• A resident of Oakwood Drive reported that someone entered her unlocked vehicle and took a laptop and change.

• A complainant reported that her vehicle was egged while she was shopping for the past 30 to 40 minutes at an Alberta Drive business.

Tuesday, Oct. 2

• A complainant reported that someone spray painted inappropriate words on the employee entry door at a Main Street business.

• A complainant reported that an older man got out of his vehicle and yelled at her for not hurrying while getting gas at a Niagara Falls Boulevard business. The complainant said that the man was driving a dark Ford.

• A resident of Amherst Manor Drive reported that he received a job offer and accepted and then changed his mind. He said that the company sent him items in the mail anyway and he now thinks it’s a scam.

Wednesday, Oct. 3

• A complainant reported that a group of kids walking home were approached by a man — wearing pajama bottom pants, a mask and cape — on Heim Road. The man, who was also riding a green motorized scooter, asked the kids where they were going. He was last seen heading towards Autumnview Road.

• A resident of North Forest Road reported that she had money taken from her apartment and believes it was the cleaning person that took it.

• A complainant reported that an elderly man, wearing a baseball cap and dark jacket, was wandering around the entrance ramp to the I-290, westbound from Niagara Falls Boulevard. The complainant also said the man appears to be picking up garbage.

Thursday, Oct. 4

• A resident of West Campus Drive reported that a man was just in her garage and left a stack of papers and told her she was served. Patrols said that the man left in a black sedan towards Getzville and didn’t enter the garage. The complainant was upset that she was served.

• A complainant reported that two adults were playing on a playground on Maple Road. The complaint left the area and said they couldn’t get a better description because it was dark and they were far away.

• A complainant reported that she was at the signal at Ayer Road when she saw a man in his 40s/50s approach the car next to her and punch the driver. She said when the light changed, the subject was hanging on the car as it went through the light.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the Police Department. The blotter is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported. It is also not a record of all calls answered by dispatchers. In a seven day period, from Sept. 26 through Oct. 2, 1,279 calls to dispatchers were logged into the Amherst police’s computer database.)

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