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2018-10-10 / Letters to the Editor

Bee Heard caller downplays town committee

It appears there’s one or two persons in the town who have nothing better to do than complain and make ridiculous comments — in the Bee Heard anonymously — about the Amherst Traffic Safety Board.

His or her most recent complaint being the amount of time members spent for their June and August meeting. Since these members are volunteers, this is something they choose to do.

As a former ATSB chairman, sometimes I would spend 20-25 hours a month in meetings, traveling throughout our town and doing research with various town departments. I was proud to work with talented and knowledgeable volunteers and be able to assist our town supervisor and board members, Democrat and Republican, saving them a lot of time and taxpayer money.

After taxes and political patronage, traffic concerns are of a major concern to most of our residents. Traffic Safety Board members resolve many resident concerns in a matter of days and/or weeks, where it would take the Town Board months. Members are caring residents, who have no legal authority, and can only make recommendations to board members. Like many others on volunteer committees, they do this because they care about our town.

It’s time for this complainer to get a life instead of hiding behind the Bee Heard.

Larry Hunter
Sundown Trail

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