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2018-09-12 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I am a frequent visitor of a popular restaurant on Millersport Highway. They do a great job and serve good food, but the vacant lot next door is a mess and does nothing to promote the plaza. I would think the town inspector should make a visit and cite them for all the violations. They have a bus in the vacant lot. Can someone do something about this?

.We are beginning to see the negative effects of term limits in Amherst. Our current town clerk, Marjory Jaeger, is leaving her post to take another job so she won’t be unemployed when her term expires next December. Who can blame her? Even though she has done an outstanding job, she is basically being fired. Unlike the supervisor and board members who have legislative powers, the clerk is like a watchdog for taxpayers, responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars. It should never have been a term limit position in the first place, since it’s not a political job, but a job that requires one to work with all departments yet represent residents.

.To the woman who lives on Wehrle Drive who cuts her grass every week with high boots on, I come down Wehrle Drive every day from work, and I notice she sweeps all the grass cuttings down the sewer at the corner, and I don’t think this is appropriate. It can’t be good for the sewer.

.Just read about Main Street being repaved from east of the 290 through the Village of Williamsville. What needs it the most is Main Street just west of the 290 before you go over the bridge heading into Williamsville. It’s in terrible shape.

.Looking back at the summer concert series in our parks, I’d like to extend a big thank you to Brian Kulpa, Dan Delano and the setup crews for making them possible. Kudos to the Amherst Symphony for wonderful concerts.

.I agree with the caller who said Wehrle and Cayuga is like a roller coaster. Nothing has been done about this road for years. Instead of the county wasting money and re-milling Garrison Road, which is absolutely perfect, why don’t they fix Wehrle that has tons of traffic? We are constantly weaving to avoid potholes.

.I know this is the first week of school, but I just followed a Sweet Home school bus down Denrose heading toward Ellicott Creek and each child was dropped off at their house. What happened to dropping them off at the corner where they are picked up in the morning?

.Regarding the traffic on Main Street, which has been moving greatly, and I want to compliment construction workers who are putting in new sidewalks and doing all the work to improve the Village of Williamsville. They are doing an awesome job and are getting done as quickly as possible considering all the traffic.

.The enrollment in Williamsville schools has decreased, and yet our school taxes continue to increase. Now they want us to approve another $38 million and have us believe taxpayers won’t have to pay for it. It’s time to say enough with the deception and excessive school taxes.

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