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2018-08-08 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Whoever decided that having a private residence with valet service, complete with traffic cones, directly at the intersection of Glen Avenue Extension and North Long Street on a Saturday afternoon with Main Street under construction and the Glen Park Art Festival going on should have their head examined. Ludicrous.

.There are deep ditches on North Forest between Millersport and Audubon. Coming home from the senior center last week I saw a young woman sitting on the grass at the bus stop and in front of her was the big ditch that she had to cross to get to the bus. There are new apartments and businesses in the area, so why are the ditches still there?

.I was happy to see on the front page of The Bee that NOCO is planing to build a car wash in Amherst. It’s about time Delta Sonic got some competition.

.I agree with the caller who pointed out loose dogs are running around Veterans Park on Mill Street. The Amherst dog warden should be in the park. Also, responsible dog owners should take pictures of any loose dogs should their dog be attacked, then give the pictures to the Amherst dog warden.

.Erie County sales tax collections are exceeding budgeted expectations by nearly $10 million. This money should be used to hire private-sector contractors to rebuild county roads.

.Parents, teach your kids to cross at crosswalks, push the pedestrian button and follow the laws that have been established. Recently, there have been a lot of people getting hit by cars, whether walking or on bikes, and most accidents are the fault of the pedestrian or biker. Please cross at crosswalks and make it safe for your kids forever. Parents, lead by example.

.Do the Amherst Police write tickets any more for loud exhaust systems? It doesn’t appear that they do, but these kids with the tin can mufflers are enough to drive you nuts. They think they sound good, but they don’t. Maybe write a few tickets once in a while and give us some peace and quiet.

.I’m still upset about the bear shot in Amherst. The DEC really dragged its feet with the bear. They could have trapped him and relocated him to the Southern Tier from the start; he would not have had to walk around in circles, been hit by a car and suffer in pain, and he wouldn’t have had to been cornered and killed.

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