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2018-07-11 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Amherst taxpayers fed up with speeding drivers on residential streets should know that results from the speed trailer put forth by the Amherst Traffic Safety Board Committee are erroneous. Only stealth devices, unnoticed by speeding drivers, provide accurate speeds. Speed trailers were designed and are marketed to slow drivers, nothing else. The committee knows this and should discontinue promoting these trailers as being accurate.

.The picture of the football team in the Old Home Days section is the incorrect date. It was the 1948 team, not the 1947.

.As I was driving home yesterday on Maple Road, there were two women standing in the dual turning lane in the middle of the road trying to cross the street. The car in front of me stopped to let them cross this five-lane road causing me to swerve to avoid hitting the car and the two women. This is the exact way a teenager was killed on Maple Road a few years ago, because people try to cross the road where they are not supposed to and a driver who shouldn’t have stopped for them, ended up causing their death. It seems people are going to cross Niagara Falls Boulevard, Maple Road and Main Street wherever they want, and nothing is going to change that, so why are we wasting a quarter of a million dollars on the Hawk signal on Main Street when it’s going to create more traffic problems than solve pedestrian problems? That Hawk signal is going to cause vehicle accidents and congestion, and the village and state don’t seem to care.

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