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2018-06-13 / Editorial

Be smart about your vehicle’s fuel conservation

Bee Editorial

It seems as if we are living the same sad story every year: Warm weather arrives, and so do higher gas prices. People have vacations to get to and weekend getaways, yet the cost of even getting there forces them to reconsider.

While we unfortunately cannot control gas prices, we can control how we use gas this summer.

Here are a few tips for saving the precious gasoline that is purchased:

• Don’t use the drive-thru. Instead, go inside the restaurant to order. Often, cars will be waiting in line for 10 minutes, which is, of course, using more gas.

• Don’t accelerate too fast. Accelerating slowly will save gas. Other driving techniques include not driving fast and using your vehicle’s cruise control when applicable.

• Carpool with friends or co-workers. If a few people at your workplace live in the same neighborhood, why not carpool? If you split the cost of gas, there will be huge savings at the pump.

• Try using a bicycle for transportation. The best thing about riding a bike is that it doesn’t need gasoline. Instead of burning gas, it burns calories. What’s not to like?

• Take more walks. Walking has many benefits. Like the bike, it doesn’t require gas, and it’s healthy, leading to a less-sedentary lifestyle, something everyone should be striving for.

The Village of Williamsville prides itself in being a walkable place, and it is. The village is an area for adults and children to have fun and share in activities.

Plus, supporting these local businesses puts money back into the community and money that could have been spent at the pump back into your wallet. Other tips to enhance gas mileage, which can be found on PepBoys.com, include:

• Keep your tires properly inflated.

• Perform regular car maintenance, such as oil changes and cleaning your vehicle’s air filter.

• If you are driving in the city, open your vehicle’s windows instead of using air conditioning to gain fuel economy. On the highway, keep the windows up and the air conditioning on to cut way down on wind resistance, thus burning less gas.

• When looking for a place to fill up your gas tank, be choosy. It is perfectly reasonable to look for a gas station with the lowest price. You don’t have to drive around to do it either. Thanks to advances in technology, you can now use a smartphone to look up gas prices with cheap-gas-finding apps.

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