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2018-05-16 / Police Blotter

Irate women crash store carts into each other

Monday, May 7

• Police responded to Vine Lane where a resident reported approximately 30 youths shooting BB guns. Police responded to the area and advised the youths of the complaint.

• An employee of a Niagara Falls Boulevard business reported that a woman inside the store was raising a ruckus and yelling at other customers. The employee said the woman was yelling because she thought people were staring at her.

• A manager of a Sheridan Drive bank reported discovering graffiti on the rear of the building. The manager said the tagging occurred sometime overnight.

Tuesday, May 8

• A person walking on Bailey Avenue reported that two plastic lawn chairs were left in the middle of the road by two teenagers who removed them from a nearby property.

• On Robin Road, a resident reported that a neighbor in the apartment building had been playing music too loudly and it was becoming an ongoing problem. Police responded and advised the neighbor to keep the music at a reasonable level.

• Police responded to a Sheridan Drive department store where two women riding battery-operated carts were arguing with each other in the parking lot. According to an employee who reported the incident, the women were also ramming their carts into each other.

Wednesday, May 9

• At a Transit Road business, a patron reported discovering that the rear window of his vehicle was damaged while it was parked in the lot.

• A resident of a Sweet Home Road apartment building reported that the landlord, who was conducting renovations to the structure, was making a mess and refusing to clean the area. The resident said the sawdust was becoming a nuisance.

• On Elm Road, a resident reported that people sitting inside a parked sedan were playing music too loudly. The vehicle left the area prior to police arrival.

Thursday, May 10

• On Presidio Place, a resident reported that a group of youths was either throwing water balloons or ice chunks at passing vehicles. The person who reported the incident said the teens may have a “clubhouse in the nearby fields.”

• A resident of Hopkins Road reported that her garbage cans were intentionally toppled by a neighbor.

• A Maple Road motorist reported that people were throwing Mexican food items at passing vehicles.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the Police Department. The blotter is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported. It is also not a record of all calls answered by dispatchers. In a seven day period, from May 2 through May 8, 1,736 calls to dispatchers were logged into the Amherst police’s computer database.)

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