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2018-02-07 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I was glad to see the students on the cover of the Jan. 17 Education and Learning section of The Bee wearing safety goggles in the chemistry lab.

.The agenda for the Feb. 1 Energy Conservation Citizens Advisory Committee meeting is not posted. Hopefully, the new board liaison member will set ground rules or abolish the committee.

.As Erie County strives to produce all electrical power from renewables, like wind and solar, the best use for the Westwood Country Club property would be the installation of windmills and solar panels.

.Our new mayor refers to the Village of Williamsville as downtown Williamsville, so why are we paying such high village taxes if we are now an urban area? Perhaps it is time to either dissolve the village or for certain village residents to move to downtown Buffalo if they wish to live in an urban area.

.Williamsville School taxpayers, every year the school tax seems to be increasing and again in 2018. I think it has to stop, so let’s cut the salary of the superintendent’s staff and superintendent by 50 percent. Also, let’s add more school time by one more month and fewer holidays.

.The Town of Amherst puts a warning in The Amherst Bee not to push snow into the street or you’ll be fined, but what about all the people who aren’t shoveling their sidewalks in Lake Forest and French Landings? So many people have private contractors plow their driveways but don’t clear sidewalks. Let’s fine those people, too.

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