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2017-04-19 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I can’t believe our governor wants to spend $20 million to build a visitor welcome center on Grand Island. Doesn’t he realize Grand Island has two of them? They are called toll booths. Every time I travel into New York, it says “Welcome to New York. Toll booth ahead.”

.It’s time the village gets out of sidewalk plowing. Sidewalks are the responsibility of the homeowners; if you have an elderly neighbor, be a good neighbor and clean their sidewalk, too. If you use a snowblower, don’t stop at the driveway but clean a path on the sidewalk, too. If you contract with someone to plow your driveway, make arrangements to have them do your sidewalk also or do it yourself. Every year the plow, which is too wide, digs up lawns, which costs a lot more to be repaired and takes a lot more time than it takes to shovel. Also, why should homeowners pay to clean sidewalks in the business district? There is a Williamsville Business Association; let them hire someone to clean in front of the business or let the business owner take care of the front of the business so their customers have access. If the property owner doesn’t conform, a reminder should be in order.

.I’m a resident of Garden Court and last week I had my van parked in the street; it had been in an accident but was driveable. A police officer was called about this, sent to my house and told me I was not allowed to park the car in the same spot for more than 24 hours. But the homeowner across the street, who is having work done on his home, has five to six cars in the street which are always in his driveway. My car had plates and was insured, but this homeowner has five to six cars in the street, and it looks like a parking lot.

.As a resident of Amherst who lives close to the proposed Methadone clinic, I am wondering why the surrounding businesses do not appear to recognize how the negativity from this clinic will affect their businesses. This is not fit for any resident; I am opposed to this clinic which would be right in front of my house.

.I don’t know what all the fuss is about the train station. The best solution would be to put a train station at the old Central Terminal, another on Exchange Street and a third one at Canalside. Three times the number of people would be employed, and people would have a choice as to which station they could go to. If people drive and park, they could use the old Central Terminal; if they take a bus, they could use Exchange Street or Canalside. The best solution is to build three.

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