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2016-11-02 / Letters to the Editor

Orchestra is asset to community

On Sunday, Oct. 23, I attended the premiere concert of our own fabulous Amherst Symphony Orchestra. The new music director, Stephan Sanders, conducted works by Mozart, Debussy and Tchaikovsky.

There was a special composition written by Amherst-born and educated Chris Rogerson.

It was called “A Song From Home” and was premiered to celebrate the ASO’s 71st season, titled “A New Chapter Begins.”

Rogerson’s piece was lovely and evoked sweetness of memory. The concert was superb. The orchestra sounded better than it ever has under the new conductor. All the pieces were played terrifically, especially the Tchaikovsky, “Capriccio Italian, Op. 45,” which was rousing, boisterous, and thrilling.

Dennis Kim, concertmaster of the BPO, soloed, playing Mozart’s Concerto No. 5 with stirring beauty and excitement. The pre-concert highlighted students of Dennis Kim, all of whom were incredibly talented.

They were young violinists who truly knocked one’s socks off with their abilities and beauty of sound. The 71st season promises to be a very special season, featuring more exciting concerts and soloists to come.

The next concert features the new associate conductor, Bryan Eckenrode. I am excited about how our own Amherst Symphony Orchestra, volunteers and professionals combined, has contributed to the beauty and culture of our great community.

What a wonderful asset for all of us to enjoy.

Sharon Rich
Main Street

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