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2016-10-19 / Police Blotter

Naked man defecates next to gas pumps

Saturday, Oct. 8

• Police responded to Sundridge Drive where a resident reported a group of youths climbing on top of construction equipment as if the items were a playground. Police were unable to locate the youths, who apparently fled the area prior to their arrival.

• A resident of Nickel Way reported that a neighbor was listening to music at too high of a volume. Police responded to the area and requested the neighbor turn down the music.

• On St. Rita’s Lane, a resident reported a group of youths loitering outside her house. Upon arrival of officers, the youths, who were college students, said they were on their way back to classes.

Sunday, Oct. 9

• A patron of a Sheridan Drive hotel reported that the tire of his vehicle was slashed sometime overnight.

• At a Main Street plaza, a patron reported that a large number of college-age students were “messing with shopping carts and obstructing vehicles” seeking to drive through the parking lot. Police responded and advised the teenagers of the complaint.

• At a Maple Road convenience store, an employee reported that two men were fighting each other. Police responded to assist in sorting out the situation. While one of the men fled the scene, the other told police he was attacking the man because of a previous altercation several months ago.

Monday, Oct. 10

• A juvenile female was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Transit Road department store. She was apprehended by store security and transported to police headquarters for arrest processing.

• On Gaslight Trail, a resident reported the neighbors’ children who were “having band practice and it was too loud.” Officers advised the youths of the complaint.

• A resident of Pino Verde Lane reported that he was being sworn at by a group of four youths who were standing on his property.

Tuesday, Oct. 11

• Police responded to Craigmore Drive where a resident reported a group of youths were loitering in a nearby park. Officers responded and advised the teens to vacate the park, which closed at dusk.

• On Monroe Drive, a resident reported his vehicle was entered overnight by an unknown person. Nothing was reported missing.

• The owner of a Frankhauser Road property, which is currently vacant, reported that a neighbor cut down trees on the property that she owned.

Wednesday, Oct. 12

• Police responded to a Maple Road gas station where an employee reported that a man defecated near the fuel pumps before walking naked into the convenience store. According to the employee, the unclothed man left the store and fled the scene.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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