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2016-10-19 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I see that our taxes are increasing partly because taxpayers are now stuck with a $4 million bill from the illegal actions taken by the former board, including Satish Mohan, Dan Ward and Debbi Bucki, to halt a development. I hope there is an ethics investigation into their behavior, and the town can recover some of the $4 million judgment from them. It was against the best interest of the town for them to illegally halt development; it was completely irresponsible, and they should be held accountable for their reckless actions.

(Editor’s note: The tax levy is increasing; however, according to Supervisor Barry Weinstein, taxes for property owners will decrease as a result of a 1.5 percent hike in the assessed value of new construction in the town.)

.I, too, have witnessed people trying to cross Niagara Falls Boulevard when the light is green. I see them running in between cars to cross because they are too lazy to wait for the light to turn red. People need to be more patient and wait for the light to turn red before crossing. I also don’t think the speed limit needs to be reduced, because you never see any driver being charged; it’s always the fault of the pedestrian.

.I think it’s ironic that town board members have no problem voting themselves a 40 percent raise, and they turn around and vilify town workers when they ask for a measly 2 percent raise.

.I live in the Village of Williamsville, and my concern is that the village board wants high density. We are not a high-density area. If they want high density, they should move to the Elmwood Village in Buffalo.

.The town comptroller stated that taking raises out of the sewer fund would not heavily impact the fund; we have plenty of reserves. That’s the problem. Any accountant knows the funds were generated by too high of taxes, and their dollars were supposed to be used for sewer work, not for greedy raises.

.I was surprised that Council Member Bucki and former Council member Shelly Schratz both spoke against the town officials’ salary raises. Maybe it’s because they both felt guilty that they cost the town $4 million because of the Acquest mistake.

.The village still has not addressed the shortcomings on its home page. Please post the videotaping of board meetings or remove any reference to same. The deputy mayor is on a leave of absence, and his photo and bio should be removed.

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