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2016-02-24 / Police Blotter

Neighbor’s ‘body odor’ irks resident

Saturday, Feb. 13

• A resident of Canterbury Court reported that an unknown person used her credit card account to pay for $8,000 worth of merchandise.

• On Princeton Avenue, a resident reported that his apartment stunk because a neighbor was intentionally “blowing body odor smells” into his unit. The resident said the odor was becoming an ongoing nuisance.

• A motorist on Youngs Road reported that two youths ran toward the street and struck her vehicle with snowballs.

Sunday, Feb. 14

• An employee of a Transit Road restaurant reported that a customer was refusing to pay for his meal. Upon learning that police were called to the business, the patron decided to pay for the food and left prior to the arrival of officers.

• A juvenile female was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Transit Road department store.

• On Hopkins Road, a resident reported discovering that one of the windows of her house was broken.

Monday, Feb. 15

• A taxi driver reported that a Bernhardt Drive resident attempted to pay for his fare with an expired credit card. The driver said the man fled into his apartment after providing the card.

• At a Main Street grocery store, a man was arrested for allegedly shoplifting. He was apprehended by store security in the parking lot.

• On Newcastle Drive, a resident reported returning home to find important business documents missing from his house.

Tuesday, Feb. 16

• A resident of Capen Boulevard reported that two youths were walking in the street and stopping occasionally to ignite fireworks in the snow.

• On North Bailey Avenue, a resident reported that a white Chevrolet pickup was plowing snow into her driveway. According to the resident, she had just finished clearing the snow from her property.

• A resident of Walton Drive reported that her neighbor was “a nightmare” and shouldn’t be driving. The resident told police the neighbor was illegally plowing snow onto her property.

Wednesday, Feb. 17

• An Eggert Road resident reported that his cane may have been stolen by a repairman who was at his house in the morning.

• At a Main Street business, a man was arrested for allegedly shoplifting. The crime was reportedly observed by the store manager, and the individual was apprehended in the parking lot.

• Police responded to Millersport Highway where a motorist’s vehicle was reportedly stuck in a ditch. Officers assisted the driver until AAA representatives arrived to tow the vehicle.

Thursday, Feb. 18

• On Millbrook Avenue, a resident reported that a neighbor’s dog was outside barking and the noise was becoming an ongoing problem.

• A resident of Coventry Road reported that her wiper was broken by an unknown person. She called police several minutes later to cancel the report because the wiper only became detached and was easily fixed.

• On Princeton Avenue, a resident reported that a neighbor repeatedly pounds on the walls. He said the pounding was becoming a nuisance.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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