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2016-02-24 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.The recent crisis in the Williamsville Schools with two long-time, experienced assistant superintendents almost leaving could have been avoided. Last May, the board extended the superintendent’s contract to the maximum legal limit despite all of the turmoil by his lack of leadership. Why aren’t they listening to the stakeholders?

.I live in the area where highway truck 210 plows. They are doing a good job plowing; however, they need to put salt on the roads.

.I just saw one of our Town of Amherst plow drivers on Lorfield Drive stop and help a man get unstuck from his driveway. I thought that was really nice, especially since they have been working long hours this week. Thank you to all our plow drivers; they keep our streets safe and clear.

.Why do we even have a parking ban overnight in the winter? The town doesn’t even start plowing until after 8 a.m. Gone are the days when you left for work at 7 a.m. and the roads were already plowed. In fact, you had to shovel the end of your driveway, because they plowed you in overnight. The Town of Amherst used to be the gold standard when it came to our plowed roads; now even the county roads are plowed better than our town roads.

.Thank you, Village of Williamsville, for the new safe walk-to-school sidewalks. It’s too bad that the owners of 5500 Main plow their snow three feet deep on the sidewalk, forcing children to walk in the middle of Glen Avenue when walking to and from school.

.Very disappointed in the way the sidewalks plow guy is plowing the sidewalks. He is leaving more snow on the sidewalks than he is cleaning off .

.Council Member Deborah Bucki is playing politics with our town, and it needs to stop. I am a highway employee who voted for Debbie, and I am angry she voted against us having a deputy highway superintendent. It’s a critical position that not only assists highway employees and the superintendent, but also works with residents to help resolve problems. The position has been a part of our department for years, so thank you to the two Democrat and two Republican town board members who voted to approve the position, because they understand that our residents’ safety should be a priority over politics.

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