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2014-02-26 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Regarding the highway department’s lack of funding to do snowplowing, it’s politics as usual. Taxpayers, go to the town’s website, check out the highway department’s budget and please note that Anderson has the money to keep our streets plowed and salted this winter.

.With all the school days the students had off in January and February due to the weather, why do they need Presidents Day off? Let’s eliminate the winter break and the Easter Break. We pay their salaries; no more extra vacations.

.Please, please, please don’t close my children’s school, Heritage Heights. My children love their teachers and the school, and everyone is very happy. They are very nice people. I don’t understand why the school has to close; they say they don’t have money problems, so why now close the school?

.Every morning I wonder when the bike fastened to a tree at the corner of Main and North Union will be removed. It has been there buried in the snow for months and has never been cleaned.

.I just heard that Medaille College off Youngs Road near Wehrle is closing. This would be a perfect opportunity for Erie Community College to purchase that building; they wouldn’t have to build another building on the North Campus, as the building is already set up for classrooms and administrators, etc. It’s beautiful and in great shape. ECC should buy that building from Medaille College, as it would be perfect.

.Regarding the Amherst Police Department’s new program to place officers in many school district buildings, the term no cost to the district is used three times on the front page of The Bee. Critical thinking is lacking in the article. The officers are being well compensated to walk around in a safe, heated environment when they should be walking around in known trouble spots. This program is a way to find tasks for an overstaffed department. Rest assured, if the school district had to pay for it, there would be no program.

.Why does life on Williamsville’s village Main Street have to be such a challenge for pedestrians? Snow and ice superficially removed by the public works mobile sidewalk plow is not then more fully shoveled by the businesses and stores, who surely depend on customers’ accessibility to their establishments.

.Reading the paper copy of the Oct. 23, 2013 Village Traffic and Safety Meeting Minutes, note that a left, westerly turn onto Main Street is still being advanced for the development at Hirschfield Drive across from Williamsville South High School. A curb cut to disallow this unsafe left turn has not been discarded by the developer. Thankfully, this two-story development must be reviewed by the Amherst Traffic Safety Board where commonsense dictates that the curb cut onto Main Street will be denied.

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