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2013-04-10 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.It’s real simple: more commercial development means lower taxes. Wake up.

.Thank you for filling the potholes on Frankhauser; however, I think they used too much filler, so it is just as bumpy as it was before.

.The Paladino monstrosity at Main and South Forest is completely out of place. There seems to be some kind of hotel competition to see who can get away with building the tallest hotel in the area. The key to our area’s future was established many years ago as a quaint residential community with enough businesses and stores to service the community.

.I’m a resident and homeowner, retired and over 65, and I think it’s about time we should be exempt from paying school taxes. Everyone should get out and vote no on the upcoming budget; we need to exempt seniors from paying school taxes.

.Whatever happened to the initiative to get crosswalks put up at playgrounds on busy roads? What are our elected officials doing about this? We’re worried about building a hotel, but no one is concerned about the safety of our children. Let’s get these crosswalks done and save some lives.

.I am not opposed to hotel development along Main Street, which would help local businesses; however, common sense says that the monstrosity at Main and South Forest and the monolith planned at the Lord Amherst site are the wrong fits for their surroundings. The boards lack the common sense and vision necessary to properly plan development in Amherst. The boards lack the backbone to stand up to developers and their lawyers. Citizens should demand new leadership on both boards.

.I am shocked that Williamsville East would schedule its junior prom on the night before the SAT. It makes no sense to have a junior prom that juniors who are taking the SAT are going to attend the prom, be out late and then get up early the next day to take the SAT. The junior prom is on May 3; the SAT is early morning May 4. How could administrators have approved such a thing?

.Amherst town officials continue to distribute tax incentives to developers and allow them to steamroll through the town. In their wake, developers leave behind empty medical buildings and restaurants, vacant stores and shops and monstrous structures. The result is a decrease in the value of the neighboring residential areas. It appears Amherst town officials have sold their integrity and votes for 30 pieces of silver.

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