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2012-12-12 / Police Blotter

Man returns to car, finds license plates removed

Monday, Dec. 3

• A resident of Old Lyme Drive reported a neighbor interfered with a package of medical supplies being delivered to her home. She told police the delivery driver was informed — by her neighbor — that she no longer lived at the residence. The resident said the medical supplies were very important to her health and was irate at the neighbor.

• An adult male was arrested for shoplifting from a Transit Road department store. He was apprehended by store security.

• Police responded to a Sheridan Drive department store where a man was reportedly using a pocket knife to open several items. According to an employee, the man stole a watch and several knives. Officers apprehended the man and transported him to police headquarters for arrest processing.

Tuesday, Dec. 4

• On Meadow Lea Drive, a resident reported two of his vehicles were broken into while they were parked in the driveway overnight. He told police a bag of gifts was among the items stolen.

• A patient of a Maple Road medical office reported returning to his vehicle to find both license plates had been stolen.

• An employee of a Main Street fast food restaurant reported an unknown person was being unruly in line. The customer had left the restaurant prior to their arrival.

Wednesday, Dec. 5

• Police responded to a Flint Road business where a female employee reported a coworker intentionally broke the windows of her vehicle. The woman told officers the incident occurred while they were attempting to load a television into the vehicle.

• A resident of Haussauer Road reported a laptop was stolen from his unlocked vehicle overnight.

• On Maple Road, a resident reported two of her tires were slashed overnight by an unknown person.

Thursday, Dec. 6

• A customer of a Niagara Falls Boulevard business reported returning to her vehicle to find both locks had been damaged. She told police that no items were stolen, however, the locks were ruined.

• A resident of Main Street reported two cartons of Girl Scout cookies were stolen. She told officers the theft may have occurred on Nov. 30.

• A juvenile female was arrested for shoplifting from a Niagara Falls Boulevard business.

Friday, Dec. 7

• A customer of a Main Street business reported several items were stolen from her vehicle while it was parked in the rear lot.

• A resident of Lincoln Road reported a group of youths were skateboarding in a nearby parking lot and being loud and disrupting the neighborhood.

• A resident reported two men were reportedly using drugs at the side of a neighbor’s home on Coronation Drive.

Saturday, Dec. 8

• A resident of Maple Road reported an unknown person stole holiday decorations from the property overnight.

• On Mill Street, a resident reported two packages were stolen from her porch during the day. She confirmed with the shipping company that the packages were delivered in the morning.

• An adult male was arrested for shoplifting from a Transit Road department store. He was apprehended by store security and transported to police headquarters for arrest processing.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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