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2012-12-12 / Editorial

Spindle items

Associate Editor

TIES THAT BIND — Within a month, my wife and I were married and we purchased and moved into a house together. Saturday was our moving day and we are very excited to be homeowners. During the weekend we emptied the boxes and began decorating our house as our cat adjusted to his new home. I was able to set up my various pieces of stereo equipment in the living room — something I had been dreaming of for quite a while. To keep all of the connecting cords neat when packing, I bound them in twist-ties. After unpacking the equipment I set a few of the ties on the ground as I was connecting the devices. Mysteriously, some of the twist ties disappeared.

On Monday night, the cat ran into the living room playing with one of the twist-ties. I took it from him and threw it away so that he didn’t hurt himself. Ten minutes later, he ran into the living room with another twist-tie. Again, I grabbed it and threw it out. The third time it happened, there was no doubt he stole the ties and had created his own collection.

Following a quick search, I discovered a small pile of the ties — under a couch in the spare bedroom. For me, the situation was a prelude to when I become a parent someday. As I re-entered the living room, I tried not to look at the cat’s sad, grim eyes staring at me.

My wife and I routinely joke how she will be more of a disciplinarian and I will be slightly lenient when it comes to raising children because I can’t handle seeing sad faces. She’s right — it was difficult for me to not give the twist-ties back to the cat.

’TIS THE SEASON — The Amherst Bee wants your photos of the area’s best holiday light displays, whether they’re yours, your neighbors’ or just something you would like everyone to see. The winner will receive $150 in cash. Go to The Bee’s Facebook page and click on the link for our contest. Voting will take place from Monday, Dec. 17, through Monday, Dec. 24. The winner will be announced on Thursday, Dec. 27.

SCHOLARSHIPS — The General Federation of Women’s Clubs will award $2,500 scholarships to help domestic violence survivors obtain careers offering a better future. If you are a domestic violence survivor who would like to rebuild your life, or, if you know of such a person who wishes to obtain or continue a post secondary education to help reshape their future, apply before Feb. 1, 2013 to GFWC Success for Survivors Scholarship, 17344 N. Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20036-2990, or email Programs@ GFWC.org and include “scholarship” in the subject line.

Eligible survivor applicants must be a citizen or permanent legal resident of the U.S., be accepted and/or enrolled at a U.S. Dept. of Education accredited public or private post-secondary or vocational institution, and be recommended by a licensed or accredited domestic violence agency and/or counselor or social worker who is willing to provide information on behalf of the applicant.

To emphasize its dedication to tackling this serious societal issue, GFWC has launched these scholarships to help victims change their lives after experiencing partner violence. In June of 2012 GFWC awarded inaugural $1,000 scholarships to six survivors. The 2013 scholarships will be for $2,500. Winners will be notified in April 2013.

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