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2012-12-12 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I would like to thank the kind lady at the Transit-Millersport market for paying for my extra groceries when I ran out of money on December 5. My best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

.Thank you for providing a public service with David Sherman’s column about the Erie County Executive’s proposed 2013 budget. Well researched and informative, it gives residents an overview of what’s on the table during the budget process and sensible suggestions for cuts to offset increased spending. Well done.

.Williamsville’s mayor is quoted in The Bee, “We want to create that village environment that is synonymous with East Aurora.” But the tranquil atmosphere in East Aurora is due in part to its village government’s philosophy that insists on enforcing traffic laws. Also, East Aurora doesn’t have to contend with 40,000 speeding cars on a daily basis. Williamsville will never be like East Aurora.

.It is sad that the house in our neighborhood with the most trees and leaves is located in the center of the neighborhood, and when the wind blows, the leaves cover the area of at least two streets. These people never rake up these leaves, but the rest of the neighbors have to rake up their leaves for weeks and weeks. We have to pay for our cleanup, and it has become very costly. Homeowners should be more considerate of their neighbors and those in the neighborhood and rake their leaves.

.Isn’t it bad enough that the Village of Williamsville is giving the old mill to Iskalo for development? Now we are paying to have the Spring Street study to benefit them even more?

. I know of two cost-free methods to slow down the traffic on Main Street in Williamsville: 1) Have local politicians push for the relocation of the toll barrier; 2) reduce the speed to what it was 20-plus years ago: 35 mph. As an added benefit, drivers going slower will notice our wonderful shops.

.Gov. Cuomo wants his new Tappan Zee Bridge in the worst way. So badly, he showed up this week again to promise Buffalo $1 billion. It’s so obvious his money train tour was to keep us quiet while he forces the Thruway Authority to raise tolls to build his $4 billion bridge. At least throw us a bone and move the Williamsville tolls. If the tolls are not moved, truck traffic will be driven off the Thruway and onto Main Street.

.While I am pleased that some effort is being made to alleviate village traffic problems, I’m sorry to say that none of the ideas presented can work. Making the mill a focal point is a pipe dream. The limited parking in the mill area is already saturated, and any businesses that would use the mill are only adding to the problem. Another traffic signal will only add to the existing traffic bottlenecks. The completion of the monstrous hotel at South Forest and Main will only create more problems.

.To all retail stores, we are not trying to be intentionally rude, but my family and I are putting all department stores on notice. We refuse to spend money at stores who refuse to use the word Christmas. We will not be a part of throwing God out of America. Christmas has always been a big part of America, and God is paying attention.

.I am constantly amazed when I read this column. I am a senior and my large backyard tree drops leaves in my neighbor’s yard. I go over and rake them up. I also have a rear neighbor who has large trees that drop in my yard, and he never offers to help clean them up. Whatever happened to being a good neighbor?

.The village Traffic and Safety Committee and Mayor Kulpa don’t appear to be on the same page when assessing similar traffic situations. Not a single T & S Committee member objects to the mayor’s proposal to install a HAWK Signal to literally stop many thousands of cars for a mid-block crossing of Main at East Spring Street, conceivably for a single pedestrian. Meanwhile, the T & S Committee refuses to support a stop sign request by residents on a neighborhood cut-through street. Go figu re.

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