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2011-06-29 / Police Blotter

Fireworks light up toilet

Monday, June 20

 A Dellwood Road resident reported that six children were shooting off fireworks in a local park. They were gone on patrol arrival.

 A female Park Forest Drive resident told police that a male telephone caller said he was from Publishers Clearing House and instructed her to purchase a card at a local drugstore for $199 to win a prize of $1.3 million. The woman did not go to the drugstore.

 A Glen Avenue resident reported seeing suspicious parties walking in a local park. The parties were advised of the park's closing times.

Tuesday, June 21

 A Glenhaven Drive resident reported that about 20 teens on scooters and bikes were in the middle of the road and not moving for traffic. The group was advised.

 A Siegfried Drive resident reported that a man was walking two German shepherds off the leash. The man and dogs were gone on police arrival.

 An Emerson Drive resident reported that five teenagers were trespassing on property after being told not to.

Wednesday, June 22

 A Glen Oak Drive resident reported that four children were playing in the playground on dirt bikes. The person believed they were making a mess of the playground.

 A Maple Road resident reported seeing a male driving a car with a woman riding in the back with an infant on her lap. The area was checked and the vehicle gone on police arrival.

 A local Niagara Falls Boulevard business reported that two men came into the store together. As one man asked for a job application the other stole $29 from the register. Both men left on foot in different directions.

Thursday, June 23

 A Flint Road resident reported that an intoxicated male took his cellphone and then challenged him to a fight. However, the intoxicated male then walked away.

 A Maple Road resident reported to police that a teen was skateboarding in a lot that prohibits it.

 A Main Street resident reported that music coming from a local bar was too loud.

Friday, June 24

 A yellow pickup was reportedly all over the road on Interstate 290 and moving slowly. The vehicle was gone on arrival.

 Police responded to a Sheridan Drive restaurant where eight people were screaming and throwing things in the dining room because of a dispute over payment of services.

 A Fairglen Drive resident reported that two boys were putting an empty stroller in the middle of the road, and after she told them to stop, they followed her around the neighborhood swearing at her. The two boys were gone on arrival.

Saturday, June 25

 An Altair Drive resident reported that about 20 children were coming in and out of a house being belligerent and swearing. They also were seen carrying a keg into the house. Police responded.

 A local Sheridan Drive supermarket reported that a man had stolen a case of beer and some prepared foods.

 A Chapel Woods resident contacted 911 but then hung up. On the call back she informed the officer that she hit the wrong button on speed dial.

Sunday, June 26

A Shetland Drive resident reported that children in a local park lit off fireworks inside a portable toilet and now it is smoking. Police found no children at the location.

 A Transit Road resident reported that 10 children were drinking in a dugout by a local school. The complainant took the bottle away from them but then they ran into the woods.

 Police responded to a report that five “crotch rocket” motorcycles were speeding, weaving and doing wheelies on I-290. The motorcyclists were gone on arrival.

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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