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2008-09-24 / Front Page

Schad steps up to long-time politician

by JESSICA L. FINCH Associate Editor

Schad Schad Democrat Jerry Schad is challenging Assemblyman Jim Hayes, R-Amherst, for his seat — and believes, in this important election year, he can win.

He said he wanted to announce his candidacy after the primary, which reduced the candidates to Hayes on the Republican, Independence and Conservative lines and Paul E. Brown on the Working Families line.

"No one was stepping forward … there is the misguided notion that (Hayes) is unbeatable," Schad of Amherst said. "I decided to step up if no one will and see what the voters think."

Schad has run for Amherst Town Board in the past, falling short of earning a seat, and this is his first attempt at a state seat.

He challenged constituents in the 148th Assembly District to review Hayes' work in the past three terms.

"People want to see results from their assemblyman," Schad said.

He said, as a state leader, his focus would include pushing New York's effort toward green energy.

"We need to deal with it now, not later," he said.

He added that there needs to be a review of state programs and the funding dedicated to them.

"There needs to be a cost benefit analysis," he said.

He also lists equitable tax for the middle class as an issue he will take on.

Schad anticipates a lot of interest in the race because it is a presidential year, saying more voters will be going to the polls.

Working as an attorney with Hodgson Russ for 35 years, Schad said he was paid on his results, and those in the public sector shouldn't be any different.

"I do think this is a change year," he said.

Hayes is serving in his fifth term as assemblyman of the 148th District that represents the entire Town of Amherst.

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