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2008-09-24 / Police Blotter

Witness watches window explode

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, Sept. 12

• A man reported he wanted the following incident documented: the complainant was driving on Niagara Falls Boulevard when he was cut off by a red Chevy.

• A Lamarck Drive resident reported that a very intoxicated man broke the complainant's light pole that was in the front lawn, and the complainant wanted the man to pay for it.

• A person almost hit a dog on Heim Road, then tried to catch it. The dog and searcher were gone upon patrol arrival.

• A woman shopping at a Sheridan Drive grocery store reported one of the windows on her vehicle "exploded" while she was shopping. There was a witness there who saw the window explode. Police confirmed it was not caused by a gun shot and the window just shattered.

Saturday, Sept. 13

• A Hopkins Road resident complained about someone using a loudspeaker nonstop. Police located it at a house that was holding a Chinese auction for charity, and the event was wrapping up.

• A man called from Patrice Terrace because he was upset about a man who was barbecuing in the middle of the road and not letting the driver pass. Police met with the complainant and advised him to take a different route home.

• On Keswich Road someone shot two arrows into the complainant's back yard, damaging the pool cover. The owner of the arrows was located on Ruskin Road, and the owner had let his grandchild play with the arrows and had not known arrows left the yard. Restitution was agreed upon.

• A vehicle was reported broken down on Interstate 290. The car wasn't broken down; the driver was trying to pick up a cell phone from under the seat.

• Police were called to Dellwood Road, where teens were smoking and "coughing to an excess" in the gazebo. The complaint believed they may be smoking marijuana.

Sunday, Sept. 14

• A satellite dish reportedly blew off a roof on Wehrle Drive and landed in a parking lot. The dish was not located, and no hazard was found.

• A man called police from Main Street about a man in a denim jumpsuit asking for money for his mom's broken car. The man was not located.

• A woman called 911 from a Palmdale Drive address and said she wanted to know what it sounded like when she called the number. She was advised 911 was for emergencies.

• A Windsor Court resident was concerned about a powdery waxy substance found in a small plastic bag in his garage. Police reported it appeared to be only garbage.

Monday, Sept. 15

• Multiple distress calls were found to be false at a Niagara Falls Boulevard business. The new owner was confused about the alarm system and thought it was an automatic door opener.

• A man's luggage was returned to him on Main Street after it had fallen out of his car while he was pumping gas.

• A Milton Street resident called police about a bird nest containing baby birds that blew out of a tree. The animal warden put the nest back in the tree.

• A Colony Court resident complained of a neighbor draining their pool into her yard. The neighbor's pump was unplugged to stop draining per police and the residents were left a note to get a hose that went to the street to drain their pool.

Tuesday, Sept. 16

• A new sidewalk on Wehrle Drive was damaged by someone who rode their bike over the fresh concrete.

• A Rosedale Boulevard resident reported he arrived home to find three youths on bicycles urinating on the front lawn. The complainant chased the suspects down Eggert Road.

• A woman reported that a man was calling her for the past two days, asking her to send money for her grandson. She was suspicious because she doesn't have a grandson.

Wednesday, Sept. 17

• A woman reported that a man approached her in a Transit Road parking lot and gave her his resume. She said it appeared he was living out of his car and he said he was on medication.

• Police were called to a Maple Road golf course, where the manager was having trouble with two men who refused to pay for the two-man fee for the golf cart after paying for one and going out onto the course. Payment was made in full.

• A Robin Road resident complained that the neighbor's lawn service mowed the complainant's lawn, leaving a dozen ruts. The complainant would call back when obtaining the name of the company.

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