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2007-05-30 / Police Blotter

Drunk men refuse to leave wedding hall

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Friday, May 18

+ A Willow Green Drive resident reported that approximately 30 youths were congregating outside a neighbor's house and drinking and possibly getting ready to fight.

+ A car was pulled over for crossing over the double yellow line on Transit Road. The driver was an elderly female who couldn't see the road because the sun was in her eyes.

+ A purse was taken from a shopping cart in a Maple Road parking lot.

Saturday, May 19

+ A complainant on Surrey Road reported that a large pile of dirt had been delivered to a neighbor's house and was now obstructing the roadway.

+ Two intoxicated males refused to leave the premises of a wedding reception location on Main Street. The two men were sitting in a gazebo in front of the banquet hall. They were picked up by a taxi and taken home.

+ An Allenhurst Road resident reported that a woman broke into her house, scratched her and ripped her gold chains from her neck then fled on foot.

Sunday, May 20

+ A town resident reported that her daughter's MySpace account was changed by a friend of the daughter and now the friend was sending hate mail from that account.

+ A male was found sitting on a gas pump island on Main Street. He told patrol that he had walked here from Florida and did not wish to go to a mission.

+ A male on a bike at a Wehrle Drive location was reportedly circling the parking lot after threatening to beat up the complainant for not taking his order while he was on the bike.

Monday, May 21

+ A Hartford Road man reported a very large animal - possibly a badger - was behind his garage and tried to bite him.

+ A Linden Street woman reported

that her son had given friend of his some money to buy an iPod and the friend had not been heard from for several days since. The suspect told police that it was a misunderstanding and that he would pay the complainant's son when he received his paycheck.

+ Two men stole a curling iron from a Main Street business and left in a green Ford Taurus.

Tuesday, May 22

+ A Corvette reportedly crashed into a tree on Tonawanda Creek Road. The driver climbed out of the driver's side window. The car had just skimmed the tree and there were no injuries.

+ A woman went into a Sheridan Drive business claiming to be an FBI agent and "acting suspicious and incoherent." She left a bag of cosmetics at the location and was accompanied by her "slightly intoxicated" husband.

+ A tractor-trailer with an oversized boat that was forcing cars into the ditch on the side of the road was reported on Campbell Boulevard near French Road.

Wednesday, May 23

+ A raccoon was seen walking down Wood Acres Drive acting abnormally.

+ A car reportedly struck a building on Maple Road and drove away. The building inspector was notified.

+ Copper piping was stolen from a house that is under construction on Arcadian Drive.

Thursday, May 24

+ A Sheridan Drive complainant reported that two youths were damaging cars in a parking lot. They were reportedly letting the air out of tires

+ Two "college-aged" males were reportedly throwing rocks at each other on Paradise Road.

+ A resident of Siegfried Road reportedly lent her garden clippers to a gardener she had working around her house. When she called him to return them, he called her profane names and berated her. The complainant reported the incident because she was worried that the man would come back and damage her property.

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