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2006-07-12 / Letters to the Editor

No excuses for not cutting taxes

Do town employees and board members need to be reminded that Supervisor Mohan was elected with a mandate to reduce taxes by 15 percent?

We do not want to hear dozens of excuses on why it can't be done or read full page ads in The Amherst Bee from the Amherst Police Club defending the status quo. The status quo has resulted in over 50 years of economic and population decline across Western New York.

In a democracy, the taxpayers get to decide how much they are willing to pay in taxes. The elected leaders and municipal workers, then get to decide the best allocation of those tax revenues. Reduced staffing levels, less overtime, operating efficiencies, reduced benefits, higher employee contributions to healthcare and moving from defined benefit pensions to 401 ks may all need to be implemented to achieve the 15 percent reduction.

Mohan was elected to represent the people who pay the salaries and benefits of town workers. We taxpayers do not hope, we demand that Supervisor Mohan continues his course of action and expect the rest of the town board and employees to help him deliver this 15 percent reduction.

Part of your job as a municipal worker is to reduce the cost of government so Western New York can begin attracting businesses and growing our economy and the tax base.

Aaron Walker Hamilton Drive


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