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2006-07-12 / Business


(Editor's note: Call The Bee at 632-0390 and record a one-minute comment on our Bee Heard line. It gives readers an opportunity to comment quickly and candidly on items of local or regional interest. Callers do not have to identify themselves and no callers' names will be used. In the interest of fairness and good taste, The Bee will not publish derogatory or insulting comments. All comments are by our readers and are subject to editing.

.After reading Supervisor Mohan's recent article in The Amherst Bee regarding police officers, I am appalled. To make statements like, we are a safe town due to character and layout and will always remain so, how does he think

Amherst got that way? By having a few, low-paid, untrained police officers? Has he ever stopped to think about weather-related emergencies and natural disasters, requiring a certain level of emergency personnel be in place?

.Are you aware that the Amherst library system has established an unpublished test program? Certain popular, newly published books, donated by the Friends of the Library, are being rented out to library patrons at 50 cents per day. This is disturbing, because it violates the basic philosophy of the library of providing books which are readily accessible to all. I thought our library tax would cover all libraries services. Finally, I wonder how these rental funds are being used and why this program is not being publicized.

.I just returned from Island Park. Once again, I spent most of the time trying to avoid stepping in goose and duck droppings, unsuccessfully. The town has done nothing to correct this unsanitary condition, and this otherwise beautiful park is no longer fit for people to enjoy. With Old Home Days coming up, let's hope the town at least cleans up the mess now on the ground.

.Could someone explain why billions of dollars are spent on so-called homeland security, when anyone can order gun powder (fireworks) sent through the mail anywhere? I'm wondering, because "against the law" seems to have no meaning at all for some people.

.I just got off the phone with Supervisor Mohan's office. I had called last week with a question. They didn't have an answer, so they said the supervisor would call me back; he never did. When I called today to press further, I found out the supervisor doesn't even have a secretary. The person answering the phone is from a temp agency from Buffalo, and all she can do is refer me to different departments in the town and that the supervisor has to answer all questions. This is a very unprofessional way to run a town.

.The traffic sign clearly states, "State Law Do Not Block Side Road." If this is indeed a law, please explain why an Amherst patrol officer did not issue a summons (or at least a warning) to the motorist blocking his passage as he waited on McKinley Avenue, off Main Street near Transit Road, last Friday evening, June 30, at approximately 7:45 p.m. The side streets in this area are consistently blocked by discourteous motorists waiting for the signal at Main and Transit. If the police aren't going to enforce this law when it's broken right in front of them, then who will?

.I want to commend Supervisor Mohan for convincing everyone that there's no more money left in the Town of Amherst. Even the bank robbers aren't coming to Amherst anymore. Thanks!

.Regarding the Citizens Review Commission recently created by Supervisor Mohan, at the first meeting Darlene Torbenson was elected chair at the end of the meeting. She did not chair that first meeting, as incorrectly stated in The Amherst Bee.

.I want to compliment the Planning Board vote for not suggesting

rezoning of the Millersport Highway property near New and Smith Roads. Regarding Member Deborah North's comment (What do we want North Amherst to become, another Niagara Falls Boulevard?): My answer is, why not commercially develop the five-lane section of Millersport north of the 990? With our current fiscal crisis, it would be nice to see an increase in our tax base, especially on a road that is being maintained by the State of New York. What some people view as green space, all I see is swampland.

.Maybe now residents in Dana Heights will have 24-hour police patrols after the accident on Fruitwood on Wednesday. Cars going without stopping for stop signs, cars going 30 mph near the playground at Shetland and Sagewood, and drivers on cell phones - let's issue summonses and have unmarked cars patrolling.

.To last week's caller who wants everyone to look at Amherst town employees, let's do that. We are the largest town and yet the lowest paid. And your so-called cosmetic rider, with tummy tucks - before you open your mouth, do some research. If that were true, I'd be a size 3. You people are so misinformed about Amherst town employees!

.Benderson now owns the shooting club property and, if he sold the golf course land, he would own all the prime property practically from Maplemere to North Forest Road. Maple Road is congested and a nightmare now; we need green space around here. Leave the golf course right where it is; give us residents in the area a break.

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