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2006-07-12 / Police Blotter

Youth misidentified as fugitive

(Editors note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Amherst Police

Friday, June 30

+ A resident on Campbell Boulevard reported hearing six gunshots within five minutes of each other. She was positive it wasn't fireworks. Police did not find any suspicious people but there were youths in the area shooting off bottle rocket fireworks.

 A woman walking her dog on John James Audubon Parkway let her dog defecate on a lawn and did not pick it up. She was located and went back to pick it up.

 A person was reported to be digging in the sewer on Willow Ridge Drive. Police could not locate the man.

 A resident on Lord Byron Lane said there was a loose alligator in the pond, and he would point it out when police arrived. It was an alligator decoy that did not "appear to be a threat to anyone."

Saturday, July 1

 A loud explosion was heard on Northington Drive. The caller said it was not fireworks. Police did not find anything.

 A 22-year-old man was collecting money for a hospital on Lord Byron Lane. When a resident asked for a receipt, the man yelled at her and called her names.

 A woman on Mill Street reported a raccoon was in her backyard but moved to her neighbor's yard. She feared it had rabies.

 An intoxicated woman refused to leave the back lot of a business on North French Road.

Sunday, July 2

 Teenagers were reported to be running on Hancock Terrace, throwing toilet paper into trees.

 Bicyclists on Eagle Street said a German Shepherd attacked them.

 A resident on Frankhauser Road yelled and swore at his neighbor's 11-year-old son for stepping on the lawn to cut the bushes.

 A man walking on Fairgreen Drive and wearing only a coat, urinated on a person's lawn.

Monday, July 3

 A woman on Donna Lea heard knocking on her front window, but was afraid to look to see what it was. Police said it was moths hitting the window.

 Several youths were seen on the roof of a school on Hollybrook Drive.

 An employee of a salon on Main Street threatened to kill the owner. The employee was unable to be located.

 Youths were reported to be throwing fireworks at cars on Glenhaven Drive.

Tuesday, July 4

 Four 16-year-old boys were urinating in the street on Bywater Drive.

 A group of teenagers were walking by a home on Bucyrus Drive. They yelled obscenities toward the resident and continued walking.

 Neighbors argued on West Campus Drive. They were separated and sent on their way.

Wednesday, July 5

 A group of teenagers were drinking beer and playing loud music on Allenhurst Road.

 A man tried to buy beer from a store on Transit Road using a fake ID. The teenager also had fireworks in his possession.

 A rabid skunk with three babies wandered into a yard on Kate Land Court.

Thursday, July 6  Someone threw eggs at a home on Greengage Court. There was no damage.

 A rat was trapped in a bucket on Harcroft Court.

 A person was looking for his glasses, which fell off on Harlem Road. They were found smashed in the street.

Friday, July 7

 A man in a car stopped outside of a home on Sherbrooke Road and tried talking to two children. The boys ran inside, and the car sped away.

 A woman on Buxton Court found a dead duck in her back yard. She was worried about catching diseases.

 An employee at a West Morland Road business found a baggie of what appeared to be cocaine. It contained white powder.

 A man on Covent Garden Lane said another man walking toward Maple Road resembled the fugitive Ralph "Bucky" Phillips. Police said it was not Phillips but a 16-year-old teenager who was sent on his way.

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