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2006-07-12 / Front Page

Attention Print Subscribers

Get your access to The Amherst Bee Online free with your current subscription!

Attention Subscribers -- Get your access to TheAmherst Bee Online!

  1. Click on "Subscribe" listed under "Services" on left side of page.
  2. Click on "PRINT and ONLINE" button.
  3. Fill out the form including mailing information regardless of type of subscription.
  4. Fill in your valid e-mail address and create your own password.  It is important to use a current e-mail address as your confirmation will be sent to it you're your subscription is approved.
  5. Click on "subscription code" under payment method.  Type the word "bee" followed by your account number in the "SUBSCRIBER #" field.  This number is the first set of numbers located on your mailing label above your name.  All other payment fields can be left blank.
  6. Click on "request a subscription".  Customers will be given immediate access to site.  Information will be processed and checked for authenticity.  Any accounts set up with incorrect information will be denied access until proper information can be obtained.
Current subscribers are not required to renew their print edition to obtain online access.  However, subscribers can utilize this subscription form to renew their print subscription with the special offer of buy one year get the second year free.  This will then also entitle you to receive two years of the online newspaper free as well.

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