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2006-07-12 / Bee Heard

Erie County departments reap national awards

EErie County has done itself proud over the past

JOEL GIAMBRA JOEL GIAMBRA two months, winning several major national awards. The hard work of our individual departments Eand those men and women who dedicate themselves to serving the taxpayers of Erie County sometimes goes unnoticed.

We begin with the Department of Information and Support Services. Last month Deputy County Executive Bruce Fisher attended the Computerworld Gala Awards evening in Washington D.C. to accept a Laureate award for Erie County in the category of government and non-profit organizations.

Erie County was cited for using technology at the local government level to link multiple government agencies to each other, to present one government portal to clients and constituents and to reduce the cost of government technology infrastructure in the region. This award is yet another case of Erie County being recognized for being ahead of the technology curve. Erie County was featured in the Center for Digital Government's Strategic Guide in 2005 as well as the New York State Enterprise Journal.

Next we turn to the Department of Environment and Planning and the Seneca Bluffs Habitat Restoration project. Erie County and its design consultants, Ecology and Environment Engineering P.C. received an Engineering Excellence Award from the Council of Engineering Companies.

The Seneca Bluffs Habitat Restoration site is Erie County's latest addition to its chain of pocket parks along the Buffalo River. Ecology and Environment Engineering P.C.'s design not only achieved project goals, but exceeded them by incorporating existing site topography to create several site features resulting in create several site features resulting in a cost savings to the project.

Finally we turn to the good work done by the Department of Social Services.

Recently a federal food stamp program quality

control review conducted by the United control review conducted by the United States department of Agriculture food and nutrition services, came back with glowing results. In fact, Erie County was awarded a cash bonus of more than $160,000 for the high performance.

The Food Stamp Program in Erie County plays a crucial role in supporting individuals as they transition from temporary assistance to work. In addition to the assistance provided to eligible households, this federally funded program supports local farms and food retailers, and generates significant

economic activity in our community. awards are just another example of the fine

These awards are just another example of the fine work the various departments do day in and day out for the taxpayers of Erie County.

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