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2006-04-05 / Letters to the Editor

Criticism of Mohan unnecessary

In response to your recent editorial on Amherst Town Board meetings (published Wednesday, March 22), the only thing unnecessary and ludicrous are your feeble attacks on the Town Supervisor. What does The Amherst Bee have to hide - a sweetheart deal with past board members? Since he won election, you have criticized the man, his work ethics and policies he brings to office. Why don't you question past board members how they let the town government get so bloated and sloppy? Thanks to (Dr. Satish) Mohan, the citizens now have someone who is watching the store.

Okay, an extra $83.67 in overtime was spent. That is nothing compared to the abuses uncovered so far and it has only been three months. Consent agenda reeks of corruption. The words you want to print are "Fiduciary Responsibility." Something past boards have seriously lacked.

If Mohan wants to count the paper clips in the supply cabinet next meeting until 3:00 a.m., I'm with him all the way. After he is done cleaning up our town, maybe he'll consider Erie County. He's got my vote.

Paul R. Hammer Forestview Court


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