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2006-04-05 / Police Blotter

Mama bird looks for baby in bathroom vent

(Editor's note: The Bee's police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Amherst Police

Saturday, March 25

+ A woman reported that while driving in a North Bailey Avenue parking lot, she ran over a manhole cover, and it got lodged between her wheel and the car.

 Security officers at a business on Alberta Drive reported that two men purchased six boxes of Sudafed tablets and then proceeded to shove the tablets down the window track of the pickup truck they were driving.

 A passerby reported seeing an intoxicated elderly man sitting on an outside bench facing Cayuga Street with two beer bottles next to him.

 A Marine Drive resident called 911 and hung up. Police called back and the resident said youths were playing hockey in the street and she was not happy about it because of all the parked cars.

Sunday, March 26

 A Sunrise Boulevard resident reported that a mother bird was in a bathroom vent searching for her baby, which had been rescued earlier.

 A South Cayuga Road resident was riding his bicycle in the Town Hall parking lot on Main Street and talking on a cell phone when he ran into two Town of Amherst cars parked in the lot. The cars received some scrapes.

 Police received a report that a woman was having a spell of seeing things that aren't there. She was going around and tapping the walls and seeing imaginary bugs.

 A resident at Parkhaven Drive reported that he'd shot himself in the face with a Colt 45 handgun. He then said he was tired and hung up. Police arrived. The man was OK and was charged with falsely reporting an incident.

Monday, March 27

 A Vine Lane resident reported that eight youths were jumping up and down on the roof of a shed and throwing things into the yard. A group of 10-year-olds were advised by police.

 A Washington Highway resident reported having a rat problem.

 A woman who was about to be fired from her job on Ridge Lea Road left a threatening message on another employee's cellular phone, saying she had a shotgun and wasn't afraid to use it.

 A transmission and engine were taken from a car in a parking lot on Sheridan Drive overnight.

Tuesday, March 28

 A passerby notified police that 10 girls were fighting in a parking lot on Sheridan Drive. The girls were from an out of town hockey team and were blowing off steam. There was no fight.

 Police were called to Main Street for a woman who was having a very loud conversation with herself. She was advised.

 A Cresthaven Drive resident reported getting obscene telephone calls from children playing with a phone.

 A Sunrise Boulevard resident reported having another bird in a bathroom vent.

Wednesday, March 29

 Someone reported that a woman was pacing back and forth on the westbound side of Interstate 290 between Main Street and Sheridan Drive.

 A turkey standing in the middle of North Forest Road caused some traffic problems. The turkey eventually moved along.

 A Cascade Drive resident reported that a neighbor was harassing them at the end of their driveway.

 An Oakland Road resident reported that a raccoon was in a tree near a Dumpster.

Thursday, March 30

 Police received a call reporting a motorist in a black 1985 Porsche sports car was driving erratically on North French Road at about 6:45 p.m. About two hours later, police got a call that the same driver rolled the Porsche down an embankment on I-990 near the exits for the University at Buffalo.

 The manager of a Sheridan Drive restaurant reported that a woman in a wheelchair had her dog with her and was angry because they would not let her eat in the restaurant with the dog.

 Police responded to a call regarding a woman walking in the center median on I-990 near Millersport Highway. The woman was gone on arrival.

 A Cherrywood Court resident reported seeing rats near the garage.

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