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2005-12-07 / Police Blotter

Duck feeding attracts rats

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

Amherst Police

Friday, Nov. 25

• Police responded to a shopping center on Niagara Falls Boulevard for a report that someone had stolen the license plates off a car parked in the parking lot while the owner was shopping.

 A Windermere Boulevard resident reported losing a cell phone.

 A shopper at a mall on Niagara Falls Boulevard reported their car was blocked by several unoccupied cars. The owner decided to do more shopping when other owners were unreachable.

 Police were called to a Niagara Falls Boulevard pet store to help an elderly woman find her car in the parking lot.

Saturday, Nov. 26

 Police responded to a Bridgehampton Circle residence for a call that curbside mail box was on fire.

 An Eggert Road resident reported that some youths were threatening him and throwing things at his car while he was at a Niagara Falls Boulevard fast food restaurant.

 A Blue Heron Court resident reported seeing an injured deer in the back yard. The deer got up and ran away.

 An official at a Main Street hotel reported finding two boxes of bullets in one of the rooms.

Sunday, Nov. 27

 A Travers Road resident reported receiving nearly 20 phone calls from a woman whom she cannot understand.

 A driver on Niagara Falls Boulevard reported that a man was running into the road, purposely trying to get hit by cars.

 Police were called to Sheridan Drive for a report that two cars were racing down the street and almost hit a pedestrian. The caller said at one point the drivers got out of their cars and were yelling at each other. The drivers were gone on arrival.

 A driver on Transit Road reported via cell phone that another motorist was passing lots of cars in a reckless manner and was making obscene gestures.

Monday, Nov. 28

 A Farmington Road resident reported that their dogs were barking and that someone may be in the house. The resident thought he heard footsteps. Officers found no footprints, and all doors were locked. It is possible animals in the yard made the dogs bark.

 An Edgewater Drive resident reported hitting a squirrel in the driveway.

 Police were called to Bramblewood Lane on a report that a teenager was driving an all-terrain vehicle in the street.

 A driver on Sheridan Drive reported there was a slippery substance on the road. Nothing was found. The road was just wet.

Tuesday, Nov. 29

 A driver on Niagara Falls Boulevard flagged down an officer to report that a garbage can that was blowing around in the wind damaged their car.

 A Culpepper Road resident reported that sometime overnight someone broke the glass globes that cover the gas lights on the street.

 A Harding Road resident reported that a neighbor flattened one of their car tires during the night.

 Police were called to a Transit Road store because a customer, who had parked a car in a fire lane, was refusing to move the car.

Wednesday, Nov. 30

 A Burbank Drive resident reported their garbage can had been stolen overnight. All that was inside it was cat litter, but the resident was still worried about identity theft.

 A driver on Main Street reported that a white Escalade cut her off. The SUV’s driver then got out of the car, opened her car door and threatened to fight her.

 A North Campus Drive resident reported that a neighbor was feeding ducks and it was attracting rats.

 A Berehaven Drive resident reported that 12 to 15 youths were in the street screaming.

Thursday, Dec. 1

 A Turnberry Drive resident reported seeing two suspicious people digging on the property behind their home. People were doing a tree development land study.

 A Randwood Drive resident reported that woman tried to get into her home. The woman said she would not tell her what she wanted until the resident let her inside. The resident said no, and the woman left.

 Police responded to a Sheridan Drive laundromat regarding clothing that was stolen from the business. The laundromat was also ransacked.

 Police were called to a Sheridan Drive business because someone was reportedly going through a dumpster at that location.

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