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2018-04-25 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Please remind Modern Disposal that the people who live in the Village of Williamsville and the Town of Amherst pay a lot of taxes. We have been having in the last at least six months a lot of difficulty with them picking up the garbage, coming back and getting our delivery that is on a Thursday. We put out our sticks and our stuff all bagged out in front, down Garrison, on Creek Road. We’ve called three times, four times, six times. Please make their delivery and pickup on time and also pick up everything that they’re supposed to.

.I know it’s April 14, but we were all warned about today’s snow, rain, ice and the storm that was hitting us tonight. At 6 p.m. our streets had snow and sleet on them. It is now 11 p.m. and the streets have not been salted yet. My family members are out working; the driving conditions are very dangerous. I wish they would get out there and salt. This is very poor service for Amherst.

.Where is less more? Right here in the Williamsville School system. The next budget is at $190.8 million, up $4.68 million to teach fewer pupils. Vote “no” Tuesday, May 15.

.I sure wish the Amherst Police would sit over by the 7-Eleven at Campbell and Millersport and issue a bunch of tickets for these motorists who use the parking lot there of the 7-Eleven, all day and all night, as a through street when they have an actual paved road for doing just that, not 20 feet away from both directions.

.Big storm, April 15. No plows or salt trucks. April 16, more of the same: No salt trucks or plows. Let’s get back to the same service we used to have many years ago. Let’s see the plows and salt trucks out.

.Today, April 17, 2018, marks six years since the 747.3-kW solar panels at SUNY UB began operating. From their website the energy efficiency calculation is an actual 4,597,635 kW-hours produced over six years divided by 747.3 times 2,191 days times 24 hours equals 11.7 percent efficient. So over 88 percent of the time they produce nothing but take up space.

.Bee photographers do a splendid job with photos on their front page. Soon I hope they turn their attention to a series of pothole pictures and locations on the front page.

.The village fund balance is $1,228,647, or 32.7 percent of total budget appropriations. This is ridiculously excessive. Village property taxpayers are being ripped off.

.Last week’s caller who said they lived in Collins’ district and he had all kinds of coffee meetings and met with them often must have been a big donor to his campaign. I know a lot of people who live in Collins’ district, including me and most of us have never even seen him. He certainly does not speak to us, only his big donors .

.Last week a senior citizen wrote in the Bee Heard that he doesn’t believe in and opposes the right to own guns. I, too, am senior citizen who understands that car accidents and drunk drivers kill more children and adults than guns every year. However, when a person uses a gun illegally, we seem to blame the gun; yet when a person driving a vehicle kills someone, we blame the driver. Does anyone see the hypocrisy in this? Guns, like cars, are not killers. It’s the people who use them inappropriately. Unfortunately, it appears we have teenagers and senior citizens who want to get rid of guns but feel it’s OK to keep automobiles so we can text and talk on our cellphones while we drive our children to school.

.Today I made my seventh phone call to the Town of Amherst to ask that the trash can behind the Elderwood at Williamsville nursing facility and the one next to the bocce court within Bassett Park be emptied. Neither has been emptied in months. I fear rodents will be attracted to them if they haven’t been already. As taxpayers, I feel that the users of Bassett Park have a right to have these cans emptied.

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