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2018-10-17 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I appreciate the installation of the new Amherst free food pantry located in the church at Hopkins and Maple. However, I do not appreciate that the Amherst police is using the area for speed traps. It just places further burdens of shame on people who don’t need any more in their lives. I would urge the Amherst police to find another place to park to look for speeding cars.

.So, our taxes are going to go up in Amherst after they took over a building that was a bowling alley, a furniture store and a Harley Davidson shop and paid taxes for many years so they could turn it into a training facility for the police. Strange. The police haven’t been trained thus far? They can’t continue at their current training center? That building would have paid more taxes. Here we go again.

.Property tax increase in Amherst exceeding the 2 percent cap is 100 percent unacceptable. The Town of Tonawanda supervisor has submitted a budget under the 2 percent tax cap in spite of huge tax revenue losses from the shuttering of the Huntley Power Plant.

.Before the county executive sets his mind to put in a new convention center and stadium, let him repave Maple Road; it’s just like a jungle out there.

.Those complaining about the town budget should consider that the manipulation of taxes over the Weinstein years would collide with reality sooner or later. It was perfectly timed to burden the next supervisor. Lots of luck to Kulpa to straighten out the mess created over the past eight years. These same people should also direct their scrutiny to school taxes.

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